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AMRO was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2015 to support the maritime industry. We look to strategic partnerships to deliver ‘Total Solution’ offerings and value to our Clients. AMRO Group of companies consists of AMRO Marine Middle East LLC and AMRO FZE, which combined fulfils our 'Total Solution' mission statement and vision.

Aids to Navigation
We are an ISO 9001:2015, customer-centric company, providing quality products and solutions to the maritime industry.

What we stand for:





What we strive to achieve in our day to day business:


  • To provide the marine industry with products and services, with a guiding principle to improve our Clients' levels of performance, safety, quality and business profitability.

  • To achieve 100% customer satisfaction through levels of service achieved by current best practice thinking and knowledge.

  • To utilise latest technological applications to streamline business and customer processes.

AMRO Vision
Port & Harbour Services UAE
What we breathe:


  • People Adapt & overcome, respect the individual, maintain our integrity in the face of adversity, believe in ourselves and to aspire for better.

  • Safety 'Get Home Safe' is our byword, we hold the health, safety and security of ours and those around us as fundamental to the achievement of our goals.

  • Innovation To provide innovative products and to encourage creative thinking in the way we deliver services to our Clients.

  • Improvement To challenge conventional practises and bring value to the marine industry

Where we see ourselves over the coming years and how this benefits our Clients:


To be the leading ‘Total Solutions’ provider in our field to the Marine industry through innovative, professional services and operational excellence.

AMRO Vision
Buoys & Lanterns UAE
What we can do:


Our team includes AtoN Consultants, Marine Specialists, Project Managers, Engineers, CAD draughtsmen, Lifting Specialists and Site Supervisors. The AMRO team is experienced yet progressive and dynamic. We are excited to serve you and look forward to each encounter.


Our Equipment resources include rental buoys, spare AtoN lanterns & parts, wreck buoys, site pick-up trucks, mobile site cabins and heavy and light tools. We complement our resources with 3rd party partnerships to meet project and operational goals and commitments.

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