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Carmanah has been an industry leader in solar airport lighting for over 20 years and their products have demonstrated time and time again that they can stand up to the harshest conditions and operate reliably, independent of electrical infrastructure. Carmanah commercial airport & military lighting is self-contained, easy to install, and requires virtually no maintenance for seven years on average. Commercial and Military airports that install Carmanah airfield lighting can save over 60% on the upfront cost of their airfield lighting installation, with no electricity costs for the life of the system

Solar Airfield Lighting

Carmanah is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of solar airfield lighting equipment. We have installed more solar airfields worldwide than any other company and are the only supplier to offer a CAT 1, ICAO-compliant solar airfield. For over 15 years, our durable and reliable products have exceeded airfield industry standards including FAA and ICAO. Our products are manufactured in the USA and Canada, and are covered by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.


Our cable-free products are ideal for both temporary and permanent deployments including:

• General Aviation and Regional Airports
• International Airports
• Military Bases
• Helipads

All products are configured to meet your specific requirements including optics, battery power and solar power.

​For more detailed information on our lanterns you can download the catalogue or contact us.

A704 Airfield Obstruction Light
Remote airbase
A650 Taxiway
A704 Aviation
A704 Aviation light
A704 compact
Miltary Aviation Lights
Blue base accessible battery
Remote Airbase
Download the latest Airfield Lighting Catalogue
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