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AMRO is proud to bring to market our ISO 17357 busting EVO Pneumatic Fenders. 

Pneumatic Fenders

We offer industry standard sizes as well as bespoke Pneumatic & Foam Fender solutions.

  • Yokohama type Fenders

  • Low Reaction force and hull pressure

  • Suitable for Fixed Oil & Gas platforms and tankers, fast craft and aluminum hulls

  • Normally used for STS, temporary berthing operations & double banking, emergency & rapid response and general fendering. Adaptable to the tide.

  • Manufacturing to ISO 17357

  • Comes with optional chain tyre & net

  • High performance, high strength and abrasion resistant

  • Local hire availability and repairs

  • Supply & Installation options available

  • Local & International Sales


For more hires and sales, or detailed information on our pneumatic fenders you can contact us for specific data sheets, catalogues, pre-qualification documents, local or global project references.

Offshore Pneumatic Fender UAE
ISO17357 Yokohama Pneumatic Fender UAE
Dubai Pneumatic Fender Yokohama
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