Made in Austria, the DualDocker provides the best solution for securing pontoons and floating structures in challenging conditions and to high levels of comfort specification. The DualDocker's 'secret' is simple yet revolutionary. Unlike other mooring methods, the highly damped DualDocker system keeps the floating structure securely moored and without play regardless of the water level. That means it does not build up kinetic energy, there is no brake jerk and the forces are reduced up to 90%.

DualDocker for floating homes, pontoons & yachts

DualDocker is the only solution available for utmost comfort on the water. If you've just invested significantly in a floating structure, why not invest in comfort, safety & convenience? Benefits of the DualDocker system that every Consultant and Owner needs to know:


  • Stable & secure mooring without play means utmost safety during a storm

  • Smooth damping provides jerk-free comfort & a high convenience for the end-user

  • One step on board reduces risk from tripping hazards

  • Ideal for unprotected, exposed locations lacking breakwater, with a long fetch, or vessel collision risk

  • Ultra high damping capacity. No damages, less impact force

  • Zero play regardless of water and tide level

  • Environmentally friendly. Zero impact on underwater world.

  • Easy installation and minimal to zero maintenance effort. The units are purely mechanical therefore no oils/ pollution.

  • High quality marine grade materials and coatings, manufactured in Austria

  • High life expectancy (salt water does no harm to the anodized DualDocker)

  • Project costs drastically reduced with no underwater diving or piling works, no vessels, and no ground & environmental studies.

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