AMRO is proud to represent LifeLadder from Port-Safety. LifeLadder is the innovative and new high strength, high visibility and non-corroding ladder that solves a long standing problem with typical quay wall ladders.


LifeLadder solves a number of specific problems for typical ladders in ports.

  • Hard to find grey ladders on grey quay walls, and especially at night

  • Corrode

  • Require regular maintenance


The LifeLadder Solution:

  • Highly visible both day and night with an integrated solar LED down-lighter

  • Unmatched level of safety

  • No maintenance and no corrosion

  • Lightweight and modular for easy installation or module replacement on any quay wall

  • Durable, made of reinforced UV-stable plastic modules that will never corrode

  • Reduced total cost of ownership, longer lifetime

  • Improved port safety

For more detailed information on our fenders you can contact us for specific data sheets, catalogues, pre-qualification documents, local or global project references.

Download the new brochure here