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AMRO is proud to represent and to be associated with Yantai Taihong Rubber Co., one of the leading marine rubber Fender manufacturers globally. Taihong have been manufacturing Fender systems since 1983 with global sales to over 50 countries. Taihong's values and ethos are closely aligned with AMRO to provide first class service, quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.

Marine Fender Systems

We have over 20 different PROVEN fender systems and accessories including:

  • Cell Fenders

  • Cone Fenders

  • Arch Fenders

  • Cylindrical Fenders

  • ME type Fenders'

  • ST type Fenders

  • Tug Rubber Fenders including Block & M Fenders

  • Rubber & Polyurethane Floating Fenders

  • Donut Fenders for Piles

  • Wheel Fenders

  • Extruded Fenders to match your profile and length

  • Composite Fenders

  • Hardwood Timber Fenders Balau or Greenheart

  • Softwood Timber Fenders

  • Rubber Ladders

  • Cast-in & Resin type Anchors, chain, shackles etc.


For more detailed information on our fenders you can contact us for specific data sheets, catalogues, pre-qualification documents, local or global project references.

Cell Fender
Cone Fenders
Arch Fender
ME Type Fenders
Donut Fender for Piles
Donut Fender
Composite Fenders
ST Fenders close
Step Fenders
DO Fenders Alt
DO Fenders
Tug Fenders
Tug Block Fenders
Tug M Fenders
Tug Fenders Alt
AMRO Fender System UAE
Cone Fender Rubber UAE
Cone Fenders Sharjah
DD300 Fenders Dubai UAE
Marine hardwood UAE
Balau Marine Timber UAE
Greenheart Timber hardwood UAE
Fender panels with UHMW-PE
UAE Cone Fender
UAE Cell Fender
Cylindrical Fenders UAE
Roller Fenders Dubai
Tug boat Fenders
Tug Fenders
150T Tee Bollard
UAE SS316L Ladder
Plastic Fenders
Marine Fender System Projects

With type approval to 'PIANC guidelines for the design of fenders 2002' and a comprehensive Quality Assurance & Control procedure, both by AMRO & Taihong, we ensure that our end products meet exactly the Clients requirements and expectations. AMRO personnel are experienced in Fender applications and trained to technically advise Clients on Fender application & requirements.

AMRO & Taihong have successfully completed numerous projects in the UAE, GCC & North Africa for major Port Operators & Marine Contractors. These have included the design and supply of other quay wall equipment such as bollards, ladders, rungs and lighting beacons.


AMRO has the in-house capabilities to not only design & supply fender systems but also install on site with our built for purpose equipment and machinery.

For more detailed information on our fenders you can contact us for specific data sheets, performance criteria and catalogues. We are always happy to provide presentations & pre-qualification documents to Consultants, Contractors & End-users. We also welcome all visits to our local office & warehouse facilities in the UAE and Taihong's production facilities in the PRC.

Production & Testing

Taihong are one of the very few companies globally whom undertake the whole Fender manufacturing & testing process in-house, with the latest technology and qualified personnel at their fingertips in their all-encompassing facilities.

This setup ensure Taihong takes ownership of the whole manufacturing process, from rubber compound mixing to compression testing and panel production and assembly, guaranteeing end-results for a quality product

Taihong's in-house facilities include:

  • Compound mixing

  • Design facilities with latest software and technical know-how

  • Moulds & Extruding equipment

  • Vulcanizers

  • Panel fabrication facilities & equipment

  • Workshop with lathes etc. for hardware manufacture

  • Compression & shear test equipment (compression and shear together as per what would happen in-situ!)

  • Lab test facilities

For more detailed information contact us.

Rubber Cone Fender Mould
Pianc testing
Cone Fender Compression Test
Compression Test
2000T Compression Machine
Cone Fender Compression Test
Extruded Fenders
Lab Testing samples
Lab testing
Lab testing
Fender panel manufacture
Fener panel Quality Assurance
Magnetic Particle Test
Fender Panel Fabrication
Coating Adhesive Test
Rubber Fender Frontal Panel
Download the latest Fender
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