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AMRO stocks and supplies a variety of marine hardware including stud-link and open-link (stud-less) chain, shackles, swivels, wire ropes and thimbles, as well as other general marine hardware such as galvanised anchors, reinforced concrete and cast iron sinkers. Our marine hardware comes in steel grades including polished Stainless Steel SS316L, SS316, SS304, U2 & U3, with protective coatings including bitumen and galvanised. All equipment is supplied with test works certificates as standard.

Mooring Hardware

We stock and can supply a range of mooring hardware for underwater applications including:

  • Open link and stud link chain incl. DIN763, short link etc

  • Swivel Assemblies

  • Shackles in safety (USG 2130, USG 2150), bow type, D type & Long D type

  • Thimble eyes

  • Wire Ropes

Material grades include but are not limited to:

  • Stainless Steel SS316L

  • Stainless Steel SS316

  • Stainless Steel SS304

  • U2 grade

  • U3 grade

  • protective coatings including bitumen and galvanised

All hardware comes with test works certificates where applicable.

For more detailed information on our marine hardwareyou can contact us for specific data sheets and catalogies.

Safety Bow Shackles
SS316 Swivel
D Shackle
Bow Shackle
Fender Chain
Mooring Chain
Buoy Chain
Fender Chain
Mouy Mooring Chain
AtoN Chain
Fender Chain
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