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In partnership with Sabik & Carmanah, manufacturers of market leading IALA Aids to Navigation, we deliver cutting edge and technologically advanced marine grade lanterns. Lanterns are manufactured in Finland or Canada and carry 3 year warranties as standard.

Self-Contained Lanterns

We offer a range of self-contained solar LED lanterns offering light ranges from 2nm to 10nm for Buoys, beacons, offshore platforms and barges. Lanterns come in standard IALA colours of Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue with adjustable intensity, range and flash characters. All our lanterns offer high-efficiency solar cells fitted for optimal energy collection.


Lanterns come with optional:

  • IR/ PDA controller

  • External ON/OFF switch

  • External charger and charging port

  • GPS Synchronization

  • Bluetooth monitoring and control

  • Proprietary Lightguard monitoring & control

  • Battery and mounting configurations

  • Sector plates for barge light application as per Colreg

  • Vertical Divergence (Normal/ Wide)

For more detailed information on our lanterns you can download the catalogue or contact usTo check the correct lantern for you area, please use Marine Selector Tool.

M650H Beacon set to QF
M550 1-3nm
Solar Barge Light
M550 pole mount
M800 series
Marine Lanterns & Range Lights

Today LED technology is the preferred solution for all signal lights in the marine aids to navigation industry. Sabik´s range of LED lanterns is the most comprehensive available:

  • buoy lanterns

  • ice buoy lanterns

  • medium and long range beacon lanterns

  • range lights

  • sector lights

  • light tubes for structure illumination

  • self contained lights


Sabik lanterns are appreciated for their luminous performance, reliability, modularity and functionality. By selecting a Sabik lantern you not only get a reliable light but also a complete palette of intelligent solutions. Our customers have the possibility to choose right features for their specific needs to operate their aids to navigation efficiently and at lower life time cost.

For more detailed information on our lanterns you can download the catalogue or contact us.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Is the beacon still operational? Is the buoy still on its position? Does the battery have enough energy?

A few years ago these, and other similar questions were answered by sending a technician to check the lantern on location. Now with the help of our innovative LightGuard concept, there is no need for this anymore.

Sabik Marine has developed a range of products under the LightGuard family, with all the necessary components for remote monitoring fully integrated. All in one housing and immediately ready for use. Depending on the type of station a variety of parameters can be monitored.

Our newly developed software-solution for remote monitoring, LightGuard Monitor fits perfectly into this existing concept of simple usage and increased safety.

The web-based interface allows usage on any web-enabled desktop computer, laptop or tablet, regardless of the hardware or the operating system installed. 

If you are an existing LightGuard Monitor user, please login here.

But it's not just Lightguard, we have bluetooth monitoring & control for applications up to 50m away from source, as well as AIS for Msg 21 and Msg 6.

LightGuard login page
LightGuard monitor map display
M660 Bluetooth
Bluetooth phone app
LED160 with Bluetooth Control_white
Bluetooth control app
Download the latest Sabik Catalogue
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