Introducing our new range of offshore pipe floats made from UV stabilized HDPE. With various diameters to meet pipe size requirements, and with the additional capability to fit our marine lanterns for night time marking, we are working hard to deliver the offshore & dredging industry with more total solutions.

HDPE Pipe Floats

We offer a range of market leading HDPE Pipe Floats for the offshore & dredging industry to suit pipe diameters ranging from 180 mm upwards to 1,080 mm (dimensions are ID - inner diameter - of Pipe Float). Manufactured in France, our partner FullOceans integrates the latest R&D innovations and manufacturing technologies in order to produce safe and qualitative products with great value for money. Safety, performance and costs are the top priority in the design of our products for ease of use and maintenance.

Standard Specifications:

  • UV-stabilized Polyethylene high density, Icorene 3575 PE

  • Colors in yellow, red & green - directly integrated into the polyethylene during rotational moulding for no painting ever.

  • Fixings: Stainless Steel

  • Various Inner Diameters ranging from 180 mm ID to 1,080 mm ID

  • Width 700 mm as standard

  • Eco friendly: Recyclable polyethylene. Heavy metal free. No ecological damages


For more detailed information on our marine pipe floats you can contact us for specific data sheets, catalogues or a quotation.

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